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Naming Beneficiaries for Registered Plans - Leaflet

Naming Beneficiaries for Registered Plans - Leaflet

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Help your members find out more about leaving a financial legacy for their loved ones! 

The leaflet is a valuable education resource which includes:

  • Tax implications for different types of beneficiaries
  • Key considerations when choosing a beneficiary
  • How to document their beneficiaries
  • Additional considerations

When choosing the Custom option an additional customization fee for design work will be added based on the level of customization indicated on the customization form and in discussion with your CCUA Marketplace representative. The customization form will be sent to you after you check out. 

Dimensions 3½" x 8¾"  /  4-panel, double-sided 
Units Per Package 100 (Generic); 500 (Custom)
Number of Pages 2